Jay-Z & Kanye West Perform “N*ggas In Paris” Eleven Times In Paris

jay ye Jay Z & Kanye West Perform N*ggas In Paris Eleven Times In Paris

So, they didn’t do a whole set of “Paris” like Jay-Z joked about, but according to audience members, Kanye and Jay set the record with eleven performances of their song. Appropriate, no? Although it also would have been funny if they played it 0 times, like “Sorry, Paris.” And then France’s financial markets crashed, rappers stopped loving Paris, the streets boiled over with carnage, and this whole zombie apocalypse thing we have going on in the U.S. started to look like child’s play in comparison.






Oh, oh, oh, did you want to watch 54 minutes of this? *EXPLOSION SOUND*

  • Brooks


  • David

    this sucks

  • yes

    yes. yes yes this is awesome. this could never suck, this is amazing. i can’t watch it all though because i get too jealous…

  • Gipped

    This is what you get for an average ticket price of $112: The biggest rip off of your life. Half of the concert spent on playing the same song 11 times.

  • Chris

    They actually played their entire set, plus this as an encore. So, I’d say the people got much more than their money’s worth. 54 total songs.

  • great 8

    makin circles, singin songs. this shit cray

  • JR

    couldn’t watch more than 48 min of this.

  • mortiky

    Illuminati really use the number 11 this video explains it http://youtu.be/O8nujSfCswg