Manicanparty Interview and “Animal” (Miike Snow Cover) Video Premiere

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Manicanparty came to us a few months ago, seemingly out of nowhere, to drop two very majestic singles and a captivating set of visuals for “Rebels in the Light,” their debut record. Instantly we were intrigued by the duo’s sound, attitude and backstory. After college pulled Pat Morrissey and Jess Corazza apart, the longtime high school friends eventually reconnected in Brooklyn, NY. From that point forward the pair have gradually demonstrated a creative vision and extreme level of talent that will no doubt continue to expand their fan base as they mature and further experiment with their sound.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Pat and Jess as the two approach an important milestone in their careers. Fans in New York will have a chance to see them perform their first ever live show tomorrow night, June 19th, at Gramercy Theatre (buy tickets). As an added bonus they’ve also blessed us with a new video for their take on Miike Snow’s massive track, “Animal.” This stripped-down version perfectly highlights Manicanparty’s musical abilities, and again helps to show how artistically diverse they really are. Have a view below, and after hit page two for an interview where we discuss their beginnings, excitement about the show tomorrow night, dream collaborations and various other topics.

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Download “Animal.”

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