Premiere: The ILLZ – “Closer”


Hip-hop is going through a lot of changes right now. It’s an exciting time, but with a wave of new ideas comes the inevitable game of follow-the-leader. Time and time again you watch as it plays out: one rapper breaks through with some great new style, everyone falls in love because it’s so unique, then six months later 10 other rappers start to sound exactly the same.

We’ve been hearing The ILLZ since 2009, and he’s not playing this game; he never has. While a lot of dudes are going electronic or moving towards that stream-of-consciousness flow and murky production, The ILLZ is sounding more crystal clear than ever. Over a sample of Temper Trap’s “Soldier On,” The ILLZ brings that powerful delivery, made even more cinematic by the lack of surrounding noise. No drums. No gimmicks. When’s the last time you heard this kind of clarity? A nice break from cloud rap, right?

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  • mr_ignk

    de sidere ad astra

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  • All-or-nothing

    This dude is a freaking problem!! Niggas are sleeping on this cat. Or they’re probably just hypnotized by the truly lackluster state of things in the rap game right now. In whatever case- niggas are sleeping!! Wake up time, fellas!

  • SK

    I’ve been a fan of Illz for a while now and I love how P&P keeps giving him exposure. Dudes lyrics actually have meaning.

  • Chris

    Nice write up,you really hit the nail on the head about hip hop right now,rinse and repeat,I guess the question is……………………………what next?

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