Questlove Remix Competition Winner: The Wyld – “Questions”


The results are in, the secret Pigeons and Planes Illuminati Sub-Council of Music Judgment has convened, and a winner for the Questlove remix competition has been chosen!

WINNER: The Wyld – “Questions”

Marrying Questo’s fat drum loop with wistful singing, plinking keys, and a sharp (albeit very short) verse about a relationship gone bad, The Wyld’s “Questions” left a strong impression on our ear drums. Even though “Questions” clocks in at just under two minutes, its sounds and structure suggest greater ambition and, as is, it’s certainly a nice testament to focused quality over quantity. You can listen to and download the track below and check out the slick video for “Full Circle,” from the Wyld’s upcoming album Preface, dropping on June 29th.

HONORABLE MENTION: 19 year-old Connecticut-born emcee Dom McLennon’s “Recess” put a sparkling, nostalgic spin on Questo’s breakbeat with the help of a stellar sample (the Menahan Street Band’s cover of Cults’ “Go Outside”…woo that’s a lot of layers!) and a childhood favorite, Recess. Definitely worth a shot in your iTunes. Check it out below.

Dom McLennon – “Recess”

BEST USE OF PIGEONS: Beat maker Stephen Niday really took the “mention ‘pigeons’ or ‘planes'” direction to heart. Sampling M.I.A. (“I fly like paper, get high like planes”) and the sweet, sweet cooing of pigeons (as he says in the description, “Yes I went there”), Stephen definitely gets points for concept and execution–and it’s always nice to marry dope drums with a Marvin Gaye sample. Enjoy the new P&P theme music below.

Stephen Niday – “High Like Planes”

Many thanks to everyone who submitted–there were definitely some high quality remixes that didn’t make cut (can’t have too many honorable mentions, after all)–and it was exciting to hear from some of our very talented readers. Stay tuned for the next contest!

  • Jordan

    I like Dom McLennon’s better than THE WYLD’S. :/ They’re all good, though.

  • Mike Tovie

    OH SHIT. I was not expecting that Dom dude to be sooooooooooo nice. WTF!!!!!! Post more of him plz P&P

  • Magz
  • Darnell

    Dom killed it. He should’ve won.

  • Jones

    I don’t know how The Wyld won over Dom tbh. Dom’s remix was too illlll, needa hear some more stuff from him.

  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence

    Yeah, also think Dom should have won.

  • Stephen Niday

    Tbh, I think Dom’s was the best out of all of the three (not being biased because mine is up there too.)
    The Wyld’s was nice but Dom completely killed the beat

  • Jay

    I’m gonna hop on the Dom train, that guy killed it

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  • Jon Tanners

    Just for the record, we also really like Dom. The vicissitudes of personal preference. Don’t worry though, I have a feeling this won’t be the last from either.

    (And we see you too, Stephen. Keep cooing out there.)

  • Stephen Niday

    Hahaha. Yes, I’ll definitely keep cooing.

  • Ray

    The Wyld killed it, innovative sound, dope lyrics, fresh, been waiting for this.

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  • Zero Gravity

    Dope! Pretty cool to see a track me and Dom did get on P&P.

  • SK

    damn P&P has a talented fan base

  • PB_and_JDay

    These remixes are awesome. I’d really like to hear more of them.

    A possibly P&P FreEP with a mix of some of the best? Please?

  • Swag Toof

    Just wanted to stop by & congratulate the winners (They definitely brought the A-Game)& give people a chance to hear our submission: so here’s our strange ass concoction:

    Bigup Jonathan Tanners & Confusion for hipping us to this contest it was fucking fun as hell…


  • alex

    man doms track is seriously good

  • Daniel

    I like The Wyld’s track.

  • Daniel

    Dom’s is a sick cruising summer track.

  • Stephen Niday

    I’m cosigning what PB_and_JDay said.

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