Shazam Predicts This Summer’s 10 Most Popular Songs

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The ability to instantaneously access information has never been more easy than it is in today’s technologically-advanced environment. The advent of web-based services like Google, or even Evernote for example, have all but eliminated the need from human memory use. Can’t recall all four names of the Golden Girls? Google that shit. Have a lunch appointment this afternoon that you don’t want to organically have to remember? Plug it into your online calendar, set a reminder and mentally retardate. Who remembers phone numbers anymore? No one. Everything is online and at our fingertips every waking moment of every single day.

Perhaps it’s the mobilization of technology that’s damned us? We all know there’s an app for everything. Now there’s even one that’s trying to predict popular music themes for the Summer of 2012. Shazam is nothing new. Everyone with a smart phone has it. Everyone is “tagging”, and thanks to that extensive database of musical queries, the UK-based company has come up with a list of what they think will be this summer’s 10 most popular songs. Some are no-brainers, but others are no-namers. At least to most in the States. No Fun., no Carly Rae Jepson, but Gusttavo Lima did you say? Yeah, he’s in there. Tech site Mashable Entertainment spoke with Shazam’s director of music, Will Mills, about his company’s findings. Have a look through the pages to see if any of your faves made the list.

Hit “next,” click the pictures, or press shift+right to judge Shazam’s predictions…

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  • Jordy Kasko

    That was a cop-out on the #1 song. And where the HELL is Icona Pop’s “I Love It”? That song is gonna explode. I think this list plays it way too safe.

  • Confusion

    Really, you think “I Love It” is gonna explode? I didn’t think that song was anywhere near as good as “Manners.”

  • Craig

    As much as a like Maroon 5, that Payphone song is so bad

  • Daniel

    Hey I like Payphone. The Wiz Khalifa feature was stupid and completely unnecessary though. He could have at least rapped a verse relevant to the song, instead he just goes “Nah fuck that, I got so much money and nice cars” blah blah I’m rap some stupid shit about how rich I am that 98% of the population can’t relate to. The only rappers that I will accept rapping about how rich they are Kanye and Jay-Z for obvious reasons. Wow I went off on a tangent. That was fun haha

  • Dodge

    Alabama Shakes should be higher just on the merit of their drummer’s sweatshirt – “this is not an earl sweatshirt”

  • Cinlay

    Rudimental “Feel the Love” is on point.

  • Monster

    @Cinlay, I’d never heard of Rudimental before this list. Do they have other material out?

  • The Mix Mason

    great concept for an article. let’s repeat every quarter!

  • Chris

    That gusttavo song is hilarious…I think that might be my favorite thing to take away from this article

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