Shazam Predicts This Summer’s 10 Most Popular Songs


#10 Alabama Shakes – “Hold On”

According to Will Mills, this song “has been one of the most-tagged indie/alt tracks in the UK this year. It’s now starting to make movement in our U.S. Tag Chart and could be the single that breaks this hotly tipped band into a mainstream audience.”

The Alabama Shakes’ raw, southern blues rock sound isn’t one that’s necessarily built for mainstream appeal, but with the exploding success of semi-comparable acts like Kings of Leon and The Black Keys, it’s easy to see why there’s so much interest in their dusty style of music.

  • Jordy Kasko

    That was a cop-out on the #1 song. And where the HELL is Icona Pop’s “I Love It”? That song is gonna explode. I think this list plays it way too safe.

  • Confusion

    Really, you think “I Love It” is gonna explode? I didn’t think that song was anywhere near as good as “Manners.”

  • Craig

    As much as a like Maroon 5, that Payphone song is so bad

  • Daniel

    Hey I like Payphone. The Wiz Khalifa feature was stupid and completely unnecessary though. He could have at least rapped a verse relevant to the song, instead he just goes “Nah fuck that, I got so much money and nice cars” blah blah I’m rap some stupid shit about how rich I am that 98% of the population can’t relate to. The only rappers that I will accept rapping about how rich they are Kanye and Jay-Z for obvious reasons. Wow I went off on a tangent. That was fun haha

  • Dodge

    Alabama Shakes should be higher just on the merit of their drummer’s sweatshirt – “this is not an earl sweatshirt”

  • Cinlay

    Rudimental “Feel the Love” is on point.

  • Monster

    @Cinlay, I’d never heard of Rudimental before this list. Do they have other material out?

  • The Mix Mason

    great concept for an article. let’s repeat every quarter!

  • Chris

    That gusttavo song is hilarious…I think that might be my favorite thing to take away from this article

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