The 10 Best Star Slinger Remixes

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Sometimes the Internet gives us gifts. At least that’s what it feels like every time I turn on my computer and see that another lucky track has been remixed, refixed, or otherwise transmogrified by the one and only Star Slinger. Face it, the man brings something special to every track he touches, and artists should be queuing up to have this mystical weaver of beats, snaps, and 808 claps shine up their tracks and spit em out with a whole new lease on life.

But not all remixes are created equally. Even among the glittering collection of gems that are the Star Slinger Remixes, some shine brighter than others. Here are our picks for the 10 best Star Slinger remixes:

By Sam Behrens (@rbtsndsgse)

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  • Quest Mcconnors

    Dude, your missing the best star slinger remix of all. Cool runnings remix, cmon.

  • Ellis Ryan

    This list better have The Starlinger Remix of Texico Bitches by Broken Social Scene.

  • bobbyprince

    anyone who liked the tracks on this list should also listen to Slinger’s remixes of:

    Body Language – You Can
    James Vincent McMorrow – If I Had a Boat
    Daedelus – Overwhelmed
    Chris Brown – Yo

    and most recently his remix of Murkage’s ‘The Door’. All deserved to be on this list

  • Age 19

    JEEEEEZ, you forgot:

    Gold Panda – Marriage Remix

    And that Drake “Over My Dead Body” remix flopped in my opinion. Just not as dynamic enough as it should be, let alone it being the 2nd spot.

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  • mr_axed


  • j

    Agree with the Drake comment above – thought Crew Love remix was better and it had more of that Star Slinger flair in the outro.

    Also, fully agree with Gold Panda remix being only second to the Cocteau Twins remix. How is that number 9? That’s got to be the best thing he’s done thus far. Breakdown at 1:50 something is incredible.

    Fantastic list though. I’m loving these posts.


    The remix of Ready For The World by How To Dress Well is amazing and deserves to be on this list.

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