The 10 Best Star Slinger Remixes

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starslinger The 10 Best Star Slinger Remixes
Sometimes the Internet gives us gifts. At least that’s what it feels like every time I turn on my computer and see that another lucky track has been remixed, refixed, or otherwise transmogrified by the one and only Star Slinger. Face it, the man brings something special to every track he touches, and artists should be queuing up to have this mystical weaver of beats, snaps, and 808 claps shine up their tracks and spit em out with a whole new lease on life.

But not all remixes are created equally. Even among the glittering collection of gems that are the Star Slinger Remixes, some shine brighter than others. Here are our picks for the 10 best Star Slinger remixes:

By Sam Behrens (@rbtsndsgse)

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