The 10 Most Absurd Danny Brown Lines

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Ah, Danny Brown. With an oversized personality, an unpredictable flow, and a penchant for even more unpredictable imagery, Danny has fast grabbed hold of a place in our hearts, typically while telling us a variety of vulgar things he’s going to do to our bitches. Read on for the 10 most absurd things Danny Brown has said on record.

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  • Anonymous

    if every line is about oral sex i dont see whats so shocking abusrd or even appealing about the lines since every rapper says stuff like that

  • Confusion

    no no no one of them is about sticking a carrot in a girls pussy and then her boyfriend eating a salad with the carrot. I dont think that has been mentioned in a rap song before, and also it is pretty appealing.

  • Jon Tanners

    A lot of movies have been made about WWII. Not a lot of those movies were Inglourious Basterds. All oral sex raps are not created equally.

  • isaiah

    @Jon your explanation of #4 is monumental. & your avi is probably the best album artwork of time. well done.

    @confusion masterfully put.

  • isaiah

    & by number 4 I mean “Sent your bitch a dick pic and now she need glasses”

  • Jay

    Personal favorite from Head for Free: “Now we chewin’ on a pill about the size of this bitch nipple / And when that wind blow hard you can hear that asshole whistle”

  • Andre (PayUp)

    “A lot of movies have been made about WWII. Not a lot of those movies were Inglourious Basterds. All oral sex raps are not created equally.”

    Might be one of my favorite responses of all time.

  • Tempest

    You are caught on the sex shit…he has made crazy lines forshadowing his od, buying groceries off his girlfriend’s welfare, and tupac.

    but the most honest and desturbing sex line for me : “I used to get domed up by crackheads adn still got my balls licked by pretty bitches”

    NO other rapper would ever have the courage or honesty to say that line. Danny brown is an amazing lycrist.

  • Jon Tanners

    @Tempest — The point wasn’t really to highlight Danny’s best lines or even his wittiest constructions. If it was, this’d be a pretty poor list. The goal here was more about showcasing some of his more absurd lines. He is an amazing lyricist, indeed.

    @Andre — glad you dug it haha!

    @Isaiah — glad that you, too, recognize that Big Bear is always doing things. If only the rest of the world knew what we know.

  • Confusion

    That is very courageous. I’ll be honest I get domed up by crackheads on the reg.

  • Decapitatah

    How could you not put the line in “Molly On Her Tongue”??
    He said “She got that Molly on Her tongue, she wash it down with my Cum” lmao

  • htownsmittie

    yo kirby aint from the mario brothers, dummy…he’s talkin bout kerby the vaccumms that are sold from door to door. they are the best vaccumms and cost $400 to $700 so he’s implying that she’s sucking like a vaccumm…get ur mind right before you start posting nonsense.

  • Jon Tanners

    @Htown: both would appear to be possibilities –

    Also, vacuum.

  • Talib

    The Gabortion line isn’t out of nowhere, he says “words I contortion” in the line before.

  • put my dick on her nose

    I feel like billy corgan, in a church playing organ – Covering Too Short, smoking a Newport

  • Jon Tanners

    ^ yeah that one was definitely on the short list of lines I was considering. It’s pretty loony.

  • DrowiningTheColossus

    What about from Greatest Rapper Ever, “Writing 16’s like internet child predators”?
    Yeah most rappers don’t compare their writing 16 bars to child molestation.

  • XXX

    @htown I don’t think the vacuum was a think white bitch. Definitely a video game reference

  • XXX


  • Riski (Paris)

    That shit means all them other dick the bitch will see after she saw Danny’s picture will look so small the bitch will need glasses.

  • Austin

    He says “Penis psalms for your vagina monologues,” not penis poems.

  • Khak

    “Caught your baby mama horny, then I stuck a carrot in her, then you made a salad with it, ate it for dinner”

    refferring to biggie “Puttin 5 karats in my baby girl’s ears”

    means a lot of things

  • cam

    No 1train lyric? Yo bitch pussy smell like a penguin, I wouldn’t hit that shit with my worst enemy’s penis.

  • 6

    “fuck bitches like aids don’t exist, i’m a young ruthless nigga on some eazy-e shit”

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