Video: ASAP Rocky & Danny Brown Talk Sex, Molly, and The Music Industry


How entertaining is it when A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown sit down to chat? Very. And when given free reign over the conversation, they talk about sucking toes, spitters and squirters, sex with girls off Twitter, Danny’s recent molly experience, and all that good stuff. Watch their convo below.


  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence

    I bet Con fucks bitches off Twitter all the time.

  • Confusion

    Only squirters

  • tity boi

    asap is being serious. the afterparty we went to was choka block full of girls. like vultures on him. eddie m said it best, all you got to do is sing!

  • The Mix Mason

    MTV should start a late nite show like this….two crazy ass artists just askin each other dumb questions. i’d watch that shit

  • sdotk

    danny brown gives off a gay crackhead vibe

  • Franko Sinatra

    this interviews are way to funny

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