Video: Childish Gambino Performs at Bonnaroo 2012

Childish Gambino headlines are at an all-time high. The actor/comedian/rapper seems to be focusing most of his energy on music right now, and it’s showing. We’ve heard a slew of new songs from CG, and he’s been popping up all over, making radio appearances and delivering live music. Here’s his latest stop at Bonnaroo. Check out some quality footage below, courtesy of Billboard.


  • jpex

    damn he got a tent last year now hes got a stage…making moves!

  • bryck

    @jpex, not campy no more huh?

  • filidino

    He’s been on fire since that injury earlier this year!

  • bonnaroo nick

    show was so amazing. the which stage got tore up. foster, the shins, and gambino killed it!

  • MaxSur

    Mac Miller performed on the same stage the next day….it was shameful. Gambino killed it so much energy doesn’t need a crew to fill in his lyrics…even throws the lyrics up so people can try to rap along. Great show he’s only gonna get bigger and hopefully better.