Video: Hit-Boy “Jay-Z Interview”


This is Hit-Boy. He produced the most over-performed song of 2011 in Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s mega-hit, “N*ggas In Paris”. He’s a rapper now too though, and to prove it here’s a video for his new song, “Jay-Z Interview”. In it we see the very talented young producer sharing camera time and studio space with every hot spitter under the sun, which in my eyes only helps highlight how many better rappers there are out there other than the subject of the video.

Whatever though, people are going to immediately try and draw a connection to the producer-turned-rapper story that Kanye and Hit-Boy now share. Difference of course being that West was responsible for producing numerous track’s on Jay-Z’s Blueprint album before breaking through as a rapper, and conversely Hit-Boy is riding the short wave of success that comes off producing just a single massive record on an album that Kayne largely oversaw production on anyway in WTT. Look, I get it. Being friends with famous rappers means you get to humble brag about it in your new video, but beyond that, why all the extra hype? Are we really supposed to believe this is 2012’s “Through The Wire”?

  • The Mix Mason

    well articulated. to me, this sounds like a victory lap during a pole-position qualifier.

    (apologies for the nascar reference…thought it fit though, haha)

  • Andre (PayUp)

    I don’t think there’s too much hype for this. I think it’s pretty cool, and no one is really saying he’s the new Kanye. At least not that I’ve seen.

    He actually started rapping before he started producing. He slowed down to produce more and never dropped his passion for rapping. I don’t think this is the best song ever but it’s not really anything to be negative about either.

  • Monster

    @Andre fair enough. I saw people chomping at the bit to watch this video yesterday and then celebrating with utter glee when it released. That was followed by a number of Tweets and other comments referring to this as Hit-Boy’s version of “Last Call”. Just called it how I saw it at the time, still don’t much care for it, but personal opinions will often differ.

  • Andre (PayUp)

    @Monster Yeah, if I would have seen that I can’t say I wouldn’t feel the same way you do. People are very caught up with being the guy that told everyone that so-and-so was always dope. It’s ridiculous.

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