Video: Kathy Griffin Would “Pull a Train” With ASAP Rocky and Danny Brown


After ASAP Rocky and Danny Brown concurred that Kathy Griffin’s got a “fatty” and is, indeed, one of the “old bitches they’d like to fuck” during this hilarious poolside conversation, the famously foul comedienne showed the clip on her talk show.

When Anderson Cooper expresses quite a bit of interest in the dream trio of Rocky, Danny, and Kathy, the hostess drops what will hopefully become a sampled (or at least soundboarded) bomb: “I will pull a train.

Well, we know what Kathy’s man won’t do, Danny will. Now the only question: will Lana be jealous of losing Rocky to Kathy Griffin? Such weighty matters to ponder on this Saturday!

Watch the clip of Kathy’s train pulling into the station below.


  • ThatGuyOverThere

    “I will pull a train” HA!

  • Skerbz

    that is hilarious. even better that they said sugar hill was gangst

  • Adam

    haha yea I appreciate Cooper alot more now for calling them out on the sugar hill gangsta comment

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