Video: The Royal Concept – “Gimme Twice”


Here we have the first video from Swedish indie alt rockers The Royal Concept. Their self-titled, debut EP just released this past Tuesday. Once you’ve viewed the visuals, jump pages to listen through the entire thing and download a free single of “Gimme Twice.”

  • Double D

    If you didn’t see the name of the band it would be pretty easy to convince somebody that this was Phoenix, they sound almost identical

  • Monster

    @Double D – Agreed.

  • Bloody

    Heard them yesterday on satellite radio and the name wasn’t matching who I thought it was. I thought, oh a new Phoenix song, but the radio read out was saying The Royal Con.

  • Nick

    Awesome video from an awesome band. Thanks for posting!

  • Ryan

    I thought the exact same thing when I heard it on another blog, didn’t even check to see if it was any other bad I was so sure it was Phoenix.

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