Video: What Peter Rosenberg Said to Make Nicki Minaj Pull Out Of Hot 97’s Summer Jam


As you may have heard by now, Young Money President Lil Wayne pulled Nicki Minaj from her scheduled slot at yesterday’s Hot 97 Summer Jam concert. The culprit: Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, who, in his introduction of Kendrick Lamar, lobbed barbs at Nicki Minaj’s brand of pop-rap and its fans:

“Before I get to the real Hip-Hop shit of the day–’cause I see the real Hip-Hop heads sprinkled in here, I see ’em…I know there are some chicks here waiting to sing “Starships” later, I’m not talkin’ to y’all right now. Fuck that bullshit….I’m here to talk about real Hip-Hop shit. People here to see ASAP Rocky today. People here to see Schoolboy Q on this stage. That’s the shit I represent.”

The day began with an auspicious tweet from Minaj:


Five hours later–following Rosenberg’s sharp words–Wayne pumped the breaks on YMCMB at Summer Jam:


With the exception of a seemingly unrelated tweet, Wayne’s twitter assumed radio silence; Minaj apologized to her fans, citing Wayne’s edict as the final word on the matter:


So what do you think? Was Rosenberg completely out of line? Was he wrong to voice his opinion–particularly at a concert run by his employer–or simply wrong for the way he went about expressing it? Or both? Was he right to stand up for the music he believes in, allegiances be damned?

Check out the footage of Rosenberg below and toss your two cent in the comments.

UPDATE: Funk Flex had some choice words for Nicki and company when he took the stage later in the evening, saying “we ain’t fucking with commercial rappers no more.” Video below.

BONUS: Let’s not forget that Summer Jam has a storied history of high-profile beefs and drama.

  • john d

    pretty boneheaded and inappropriate thing to say. Dude should be smarter than to diss what is essentially 1/3rd of the lineup.

  • Bmn313

    If she’s the headliner, why in the world would he diss her like that! And then complain that they now not doing the event. Pretty sure both parties will continue on. He shoulda kept his opinion to his self.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Sure, Nicki Minaj is not know for her hip-hop skills. She makes Pop music aka “popular music” aka “the stuff people listen to the radio for” aka “the stuff that keeps radio personalities paid by advertisers”.

  • Bloody

    Jealousy is an ugly thing sometimes.

  • Bryan

    lol It’s fine that he said that no one is putting on 97 to hear Minaj. Yeah she was the headliner, but she’s the one distancing her self from hip hop not someone commenting on her pop music.

  • Craig

    FINALLY someone is standing up against YMCMB bullshit, shittiest fucking label out there, I’d rather listen to yodeling over what they call “music”

  • codine

    Yea F*&# commercial rap (he says over Rihanna) hard bro…

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