Watch Lana Del Rey & A$AP Rocky’s 8 Minute “National Anthem” Video


Well they only released the trailer yesterday, but today we have the full, nearly eight minute long video for “National Anthem” from Lana’s debut album Born To Die. Lot’s of polaroid style effects, A$AP JFK and Lana Onassis. “DOPE CINEMA” it says in the description on YouTube – discuss.

  • Adam

    A$AP really doesn’t have a single word in this? what the fuck

  • Noory

    i enjoyed it.

  • ed

    this video is just weird. from casting rocky as the pres., the ass/thigh grabbing, kissing, the fact that he’s just acting like his modern day self. yeah, just stop touching my lana already.

  • pasa si tihs

    I think the videos cool, but I cant stand ASAP. Hes faker than Lana ever was and will be and doesn’t get called on it. Hes just a half decent rapper that gets carried by his production, had his image made by Black Scale, and simply buzzed because he copied a southern sound but was from new york. Hes not from Harlem but acts like he is in his songs. Oh and nobody in ASAP can rap well.

    call me a hater, but you know its true.

  • Daniel

    nah you’re just not made for his music ^

  • Jack

    I think the video is a sort of commentary on how the american dream has changed from when jfk was sort of the quintessential representation of success. Like when you see a$ap shooting craps on a persian rug… thats fly as fuck

  • pasa si tihs

    Not made for his music? lol. Hes not saying anything different than kanye. This dude had the audacity to subtweet spaceghostpurp saying that his video was wack, whenever he went went to paris draped in givenchy for his Goldie video. hmmm I wonder what caused asap to go to paris?

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