Watch Odd Future’s Short Film “Sam Is Dead”

AwfHb8wCEAIkTyA jpeg 630x1100 q85 Watch Odd Futures Short Film Sam Is Dead

Tyler’s ambition continues to grow. The OF ringleader has been outspoken about his love for filming music videos and has expressed a desire to move into visuals fully. Now, we get our first look. “Sam Is Dead,” the title an assumed play on the Basquiat tag, is a short film written, scored and directed by Tyler, The Creator (under his Wolf Haley alter-ego) and co-starring Domo Genesis.

  • JCE1236

    i’m actually surprised. best video since yonkers

  • Buddy Blank

    The video is really well shot, but I don’t think the visuals are meshing with the audio at all. Not feeling it.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    I admire his visual ambition, but I want to agree with Buddy. It’s like it’s /almost/ there.

  • Mark

    I personally believe it is a fantastic video. He hasn’t let judgement box him in creatively.

  • Adam

    hahahaha “niggas where I’m from we don’t get in that type of shit bruh, straight up dawg” shit had me rolling.