10 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now

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This week in music has been just as much about the news than it has about the actual music, and that’s okay. Sometimes it’s good to be able to step back and realize that this art we are constantly consuming is made by people, and the experiences of those people inevitably shapes what we end up hearing. A lot of people hold strongly onto the view that “it’s all about the music,” but it’s almost impossible not to acknowledge the people making it.

But for our 10 Free Songs feature, it really is all about the music. So sit back and check out some new (and free) songs. Here’s this week’s batch of freebies.

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  • http://WWW.SeeBeyondGenre.COM SBG


  • Adam

    Where’s the “Still A Live” download?

  • Silver

    Yes. Fuckin Childish.

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