10 Things Lil B Has Done to Stay Entertaining

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“Most rappers claim to be ‘real'; Lil B claims to be Ellen DeGeneres.”

–Andrew Marantz, “The Dumb Brilliance of Lil B”

Finding words to properly encapsulate Lil B always proves exceedingly difficult. The second a sentence begins to unfold, any number of possible twists and turns rear their heads. Suddenly, something so simple as summarizing the man’s most recent song or tweet becomes an exercise in fandom and hatred, frustration and exaltation–and that’s all before the first period’s been laid to rest.

With the self-proclaimed Based God, the only certainties are that his music will be as hotly debated as his actions, and moments of clarity will invariably be followed by headlong plunges into utter absurdity. During his ascent, this seesaw effect has produced an unpredictable array of entertaining moments that increased or sustained his notoriety (whether for better or worse is entirely in the eye of the beholder).

Check out his new mixtape, Obama Basedgod (because what else would it be called?), then dive into 10 of his most his most awe-inspiring, entertaining moments.

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