15 Things You Didn’t Know About LCD Soundsystem

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Neil Sedaka said it best in 1962 when he sang the simple phrase, “breaking up is hard to do.” No one likes it when their favorite musician or group calls it quits. Sure, we’ll always be able to go back and listen through their past catalogue, reminisce about the stupid shit we did at their concerts, and certainly feel an almost tangible emotional connection to our favorite songs. But sometimes that’s just not enough.

When James Murphy announced that LCD Soundsystem would be dissolving after a final show at New York’s Madison Square Garden in April of 2011, the collective reaction across the music community was one mixed with confusion and disappointment. After three critically acclaimed LP’s, Murphy chose to pull the plug on a “just for shits” type project that organically birthed a fresh New York punk/dance movement in the mid 2000’s. It could be argued that This Is Happening was the group’s best work to date, and that his decision to abruptly end things was a choice to walk away while still at the top of his game.

Although technically a band when recording and performing live, LCD Soundsystem has always boiled down to one man: James Murphy. It’s easy to forget that fact because it’s hard to comprehend how a single man can create such complex layered pieces of music on his own. With that in mind, James Murphy the man, and LCD Soundsystem the project, can rightfully be discussed interchangeably.

After laying dormant for the better part of this past year, LCD Soundsystem has managed to find its way back into popular conversation again thanks to a recent showing of the documentary, Shut Up And Play The Hits, a candid and comical interview on late night television with Jimmy Fallon, and rumors that Murphy may be pulling the pieces of his project back together for the purposes of creating some new music. That possibility got us excited and prompted a need to refresh ourselves on some of the quirky little details that have helped mold such an entertaining musical force.

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