5 Bands To Check Out If You Like Talking Heads

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There has never been a band exactly like Talking Heads. They took everything from punk to pop to avant-garde to funk and twisted it all up into a signature sound that has influenced not only other bands, but music as a whole. With their wild experimentation and disregard for the norm, they seemed like a band never meant to be mainstream popular, but they were, and the state of music post-Talking Heads is better because of it.

If you’re a fan of Talking Heads, here are five other bands that you may be into.

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  • offbeat

    my respect for this site just went through the fucking roof.

  • offbeat

    despite the fact that i’m gonna just keep listening to the talkin heads…

  • Grace Howard

    Cool ones Con!
    Ps. what about ‘The Cars’? too pop?

  • AngiePangie

    That’s what I said. The Cars are very similar :)

  • bishop

    You forgot Rusted Root they up and stold their sound!!!

  • Maria

    Great list – thanks!!

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