9 Examples Of The Sad Skrillex Meme


There’s a new meme in town, and it’s Sad Skrillex. As the dubstep producer gets more and more popular, he’s also become the target for jokes, scrutiny, and, most importantly, memes. Skrillex memes are all the rage, and for every WOMP-WOMP-WOMP the EDM star creates, there is a new joke to accompany it. Here is a new series of Skrillex memes courtesy of Buzzfeed.


  • sad_skrillex

    I wanted to look at all the sad skrillex memes


    But I had to load a new page for each one

  • Confusion

    You don’t really have to load the entire page you can click through the pictures very quickly.

  • Harun

    you can’t actually =(

    at least not on google chrome on a mac.
    each subsequent image moves further to the left until the point where you can’t see a new image at all.
    very mysterious wub dub dub.

  • Confusion

    Damn really? I’m on Chrome on a Mac and it’s working fine for me. Anyone else having this issue? I’ll look into it. Still working on perfecting these galleries.

  • Stacy

    the new gallery is MUCH better

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