A$AP Rocky Arrested In New York City


Last night, A$AP Rocky was arrested in New York City. It started when Rocky and another man were arguing with a third party. When two photographers spotted the argument they started snapping pictures, and Rocky and his associate weren’t pleased by that. They turned their attention to the photographers, and a scuffle broke out that left the photographers with “cuts and bruises.” One went to the hospital to receive treatment.

According to Karen Civil, the NYPD has arrested Rocky and charged him with attempted robbery, although it isn’t known what he was trying to steal (possibly the cameras).


  • Kevin V

    This is a classic example of when keepin it real goes wrong.

    SXSW then this..This kids attitude might be the end of him

  • Snoki

    must have a release coming up.

  • HDO

    Supposed to be on Fallon tonight. . .

  • bryck

    A young rapper getting in scuffles is definitely not “going to be the end of him.”

  • J.Mo

    Try not to mis-quote people. He said “might,” not “going.” There’s a difference.

  • Chris

    He already had his release a few months ago…people just talk to hear themselves sometimes

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