Album Stream: Aesop Rock – “Skelethon”


Aesop Rock‘s new album—his first in five years—has arrived on Rhymesayers. It’s entirely self-produced, and Aesop is confident that it’s his best album yet. He also told Rolling Stone, “I hope it sounds like five years on the record, because that’s what it took, and I don’t think that I cut corners.”

Listen to Skelethon below, and if you like what you hear, buy it on iTunes.

Skelethon Tracklist:

1. Leisureforce
2. ZZZ Top
3. Cycles To Gehenna
4. Zero Dark Thirty
5. Fryerstarter
6. Ruby ’81
7. Crows 1
8. Crows 2
9. Racing Stripes
10. 1,000 O’Clock
11. Homemade Mummy
12. Grace
13. Saturn Missiles
14. Tetra
15. Gopher Guts

  • crodz305

    Yo this shits raw, reminds me of the Number 1 Playaz. Their song “Arrogant” goes hard… now that’s a crew I can fuck with. Check out their new single here –

  • HugeRips

    This albums is fucking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HugeRips

    There is also a bonus track that you didn’t list called BMX. It’s one of the hardest songs on the album.

  • BeetleJuice

    Truly amazing album. It’s one of my favorites so far this year, it’s up there with cancer 4 cure

  • Juan

    Where do I find the bonus track??? BMX

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