Album Stream: Frank Ocean – “Channel Orange”


Coinciding with his debut TV performance, Frank Ocean released Channel Orange a week early through iTunes. Now he’s also posted a full stream of his new album on his Tumblr. Head over to Frank’s site to listen, and feel free to leave thoughts in the comments section.

Album Stream: Frank Ocean – “Channel Orange”

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  • V

    I spent most of last night listening to the album. Iv been a really big Frank supporter for a while now, his music has always been on point. On first listen I really liked his blend of synth and jazzy sounds, the second time around I wanted to try and break down lyrics and boy was I shocked. It was weird realizing he was singing about a dude (myself being a guy) almost every song on the album seemed to relate to his summer fling he had which he referenced in the letter. It was weird for a few minutes but then I got over it and kept on listening. I must say this might be his best work yet.

  • crodz305

    This is rowdy as fuck. If you like this you’ll definitely like Ritt’z new video “Walking On Air.” The guy murders it… check it out –

  • A guest but not really

    Figuring ‘Forrest Gump’ is the reason why the letter had to come out before the album.

  • a guest but not really

    didnt see V’s comment when i wrote mine (comments section isnt readable on my iPhone) but now that i have i guess its more than ‘forest gump’ haha

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