Captain Murphy – “The Ritual”


Who is Captain Murphy? This is a question a lot of people will be mulling over in the coming months. The mysterious rapper first appeared on “Between Friends” alongside Flying Lotus and Odd Future’s semiautomatic spitter Earl Sweatshirt, and today he releases a solo record called “The Ritual.”

Rumors and speculation have already began to surface online that Murphy could either be the secret alias of Flying Lotus himself or even a pitch shifted Tyler The, Creator, although the lyrical content just doesn’t feel like something the latter would put out. Whoever this lurking emcee is, he’s starting to garner some attention and going in over a sample of Jay Electronica x Just Blaze‘s track “Dear Moleskine” will only help to further pique people’s interests.

Stream “The Ritual” below and grab a free download of it here.

  • Ryan

    This guy is blowing up. Thought he was Tyler for sure after the first couple songs but this sounds pretty different.

  • DAFK

    Perhaps Tylers been practicing?

  • Daniel

    Tyler has done a lot of trolling before and it’s definitely very plausible if you listen to Tyler’s A Milli freestyle. He sounds like he alters his voice a lot.

  • Evers82

    This has got to be Tyler,The Creator listen to Mighty Morphin Foreskin

  • choubakakaka

    its Zeroh.

  • Leo

    It does not have to be TYLER, and it’s NOT. GO look up zeroh’s mixtapes. He’s used teebs and flylos beats before. But these beats sound like Madlib.
    Zeroh – awful alterations
    Zeroh – G7 University
    Zeroh – more throwaways

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