Lana Del Rey – “National Anthem (Das Racist Remix)”


Maybe we haven’t all been sitting around waiting for a Das Racist and Lana Del Rey collaboration, but that’s exactly what we have here. This could have turned out a little awkward. Something about the Lana Del Rey and Das Racist aesthetics don’t seem to line up, but they meet somewhere in the middle (slightly more towards the Das Racist side) for this remix of “National Anthem.”

(Potholes In My Blog)

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    I actually see the connection confusion they aren’t similar musically, but neither was Azealia Banks. But they all have a similar lyrical thing going on. Das Racist often talks about money, which is what a lot of this song is about, as well as corruption, and Das Racist has covered that topic too. I think they’re a good pairing. However, I was kinda hoping A$AP would hop on a Lana Del Rey track, but this is certainly no dissappointment.

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