Mick Jagger Has Had Sex With More Women Than You Have


While 50 years seems like a long time for any band to be around, this next little factoid will make that number look like nothing. According to Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger, the unauthorized biography about the rock legend that’s currently in the works, Mick Jagger has slept with 4,000 women. Yes, 4,000. The biographer even adds that “in retrospect… that might be kind of a low figure.”

To put it in perspective, that is more women than the number of days a 10-year-old has lived. Swoop.


  • thatlondonfella

    Sleeping doesn’t necessarily mean sex though, right? Could just be laying in bed…talking and stuff…, no?

  • David

    Plus, how many of those women were actually satisfied by Mick’s performance? Because recent indicators would prove that each session could have only lasted a minute or two.

  • Meeshi

    thats actually not that bad if you do the math. 365 days in a year x 50 year career is 18,250 days. Being the icon is he, mick could have easily slept with a different groupie every day which could/would have put his total at 18k. but instead its only 4k. using this example if you divide 4k/18k its about .22 Which sums up to: Jagger’s sex life only took up 22% of his 50 year career. imo thats not too bad, it leaves 78% to focus on music or whatever else he prefers….

    4k sounds bad but im sure its hiphop artist and athletes who have sex with multiply women a day

    lastly we also have to realize to civilians or regular ppl 4k is high. but you have to take into consideration that mick n other celebrities travel extensively, so its not as bad as sleeping with 4k all in one state.

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