Mixtape: Childish Gambino – ‘Royalty’


Mixtape swag is off the hook this July 4th, and Childish Gambino‘s new mixtape, Royalty, should definitely be at the top of your to do list. With features from Beck, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Bun B, Ghostface and Danny Brown, you know this is going to be a must listen. Check out the tracklist, hit the link to download the tape below, and don’t forget to jump into the comments section to let us know your thoughts.

Download: Childish Gambino – Royalty



1. Royalty
2. We Ain’t Them
3. One Up (feat. Steve G Lover)
4. Black Faces (feat. Nipsey Hussle)
5. Unnecessary (feat. Schoolboy Q & Ab-Soul)
6. Shoulda Known
7. R.I.P (feat. Bun B)
8. American Royalty (feat. Rza & Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)
9. It May Be Glamour Life (feat. Ghostface k!llah)
10. Toxic (feat. Danny Brown)
11. Silk Pillow (feat. Beck)
12. They Don’t Like Me (feat. Chance The Rapper)
13. Arrangement (feat. Conage)
14. Won’t Stop (feat. Danielle Haim of Haim)
15. Bronchitis
16. Wonderful (feat. Josh Osho)
17. Make It Go Right (feat. Kilo Kish)
18. Real Estate (feat. Alley Boy, Swank & Tina Fey)

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  • a guest but not really

    a different childish as we knew was coming from the leaks , its dope. i love artists to grow and mature although i do hope he brings some of that old CG back sometime, or finds the perfect middle ground of both.
    ps where directly the fuck is “Tell Me” with Heems ? i really dont want to download the “new shit, new shit donald glover” radio rip.

  • @battlecrane

    Just finished listening to it and it is pretty good. I will say I think this mixtape was more for but not exclusively for hood niggas(couldn’t think of a better word or classification) unlike Culdesac and EP.

    Not doing anything today so time to play it again.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    After an initial listen, it sounds like he’s grown but I wouldn’t say matured. I just don’t get the Gambino personality that I felt from previous releases. I mean, I like it, but for the most part it just sounds generic.

    And I guess his issue was that he wasn’t making music that a certain part of Blacks could like or relate to, but now it feels like he’s alienating that half that fell in love with that somewhat “geeky” flow. It’s a double-edged sword, but like I said I like it.

    (Also, was it just me or was there an error on track 15?)

  • Juan

    I downloading it now, but I’m eager to listen to it. Just from the guess experiences I feel as it will be a good one. Great comments above.

  • oooo

    ^To those above

    Gambino made this to stray away from his soft tracks on Camp. He said the purpose of Royalty was to make some “bangers” that could get people hype at concerts. I think Royalty fulfilled its purpose. There’s still Wonderful, Silk Pillows, Shoulda Known, and Won’t Stop that kinda fit the softer, more personal Camp side.

    and yeah i did notice theres a kind of skip on Track 15, i dont know if thats intentional.

  • a guest but not really

    ya not “matured” my bad hahahaha he went all hood on us hahaha still dope and will be dope on shuffle with the rest of his discography.

  • a guest but not really

    or a concert as oooo said.

  • Kope


  • http://youtube.com/EthosHipHop Ethos

    I saw his show at LA Live a few days before CAMP dropped. The venue was packed and every track banged. I never really thought he had a “live problem”. Hopefully he doesn’t forget what made people fall in love with him in an effort to become more radio friendly. We shall see.

  • JeiSun

    Tina Fey killed it. Loved the entire album, was dope.

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  • latch key kid from the 36th chamber

    the least gambino mixtape, but proberly his best

  • LW

    Great guest spots, especially Bun B on R.I.P.

    After the solo effort that was Camp it’s good to see what he can do with a few collabs!

  • Snoek

    It was 50/50. I agree this was alot more “hood”. I ma a big fan of Camp and the awesome Adele remixes but this one was a bit left field for me. Great collabs with Bun-B, Nipsey Hussle and Beck. Can’t wait for the next one

  • http://thatfix.com frizurd

    the album was ok, i enjoyed it
    childish gambino is dope

  • Rayiner

    Fuck! The link’s gone.

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