The 10 Best Clams Casino Beats

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clams lead The 10 Best Clams Casino Beats

If you’ve spent time cruising around the music blogosphere in the last year or so, you’ve probably become acquainted with the fact that Clams Casino no longer solely stands for a recipe that requires bacon and cheese. Ascendant 24-year-old Mike Volpe—better known by his culinarily inspired pseudonym, Clams Casino—has struck a chord with listeners through only a few dozen tracks, a series of immediately recognizable productions scattered across mixtapes, albums, YouTube pages, and tweets, forming both a succinct canon and a pillar of the cloud rap subgenre.

This list is a primer on 10 of Clams’ most defining, quality beats during his rise from YouTube mainstay to paid major label remixer and beyond—a point of entry for new listeners and a review of some highlights for those already familiar. Here is our list of 10 Best Clams Casinos Beats.

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