The 10 Most Memorable SNL Musical Performances

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Lorne Michaels really hit the jackpot when he somehow conjured up Saturday Night Live. The live TV sketch comedy show has just completed its 37th season, parodying everything from politics, to popular culture, to the very musical acts that perform on stage at Studio 8H. The show has been the perfect arena for some classic musical performances on a stage only small if you’re speaking in terms of physical size.

While many acts that have performed on SNL have been technically precise and entertaining, there have been a few snafus that are just as memorable. So without further ado, here are The 10 Most Memorable Saturday Night Live Musical Performances, featuring the good, the bad, and the awkward jig.

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  • James!

    I always thought that jig was her making a Milli Vanilli joke. Wasn’t that like the dance they did in one of their videos?

  • Tevan805

    Great list, but the Kanye performance at No. 3 originally aired on October 2, 2010.

  • Joyce

    @Tevan805 good catch. The list originally included “Love Lockdown,” which was from ’08. Decided to go with only “Runaway” instead.

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  • PancakeMcKennz

    Though it’s not my favorite performance, my favorite moment was when Katie from the Ting Tings said “Cowbell”, and then went on to play… the cowbell.

  • Jim

    how did the red hit chili peppers performance of under the bridge not make the list ? John blatantly ruined it

  • Uhh

    if they didn’t remember it then how could it be in the list of most memorable u guys are all crazy with your “how could you leave out…”

  • Lauren

    My personal favorite is The Replacements performance in 1986 that got them banned from the show

  • DAFK

    My favorite was when the Beastie Boys were about to perform “Sabotage” but then Elvis Costello runs out and they play “Radio”.

  • Joyce

    @Uhh love you xoxo

  • Rick Ross’ Left Tit

    definitely agree with Tim. I’m biased cause I’m a huge RHCP fan, but that performance was incredibly awkward and Frusciante purposefully tried to fuck up Anthony Kiedis and botched his own backing vocals on purpose.

  • lifeofgrime

    If Nirvana’s up the punx performance came in at number 2, then surely Fear’s on-stage mosh pit of a performance should have been number 1.

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