The 100 Best Kanye West Songs


Choosing the 100 best Kanye West songs is not an easy task. Take any Kanye album, ask five people what their favorite track from the album is, and there’s a good chance you’ll get five different answers. Kanye’s music has gone through a lot of changes, phases, and evolution over the years, but he’s always managed to stay focused on quality and artistic integrity.

If there’s anyone fit to put together a list of best Kanye songs, it’s Chicago’s Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive. Check out his list below. Do you agree? What Kanye Track would you put at number one?


  • MusicEnthusiast

    Why is “Hey Mama” not on this list? It means so much to Kanye that he redid it after she died.

    Also “Roses”, “Family Business”, “Lookin’ For Trouble”, and “I Wonder” not featured on this list?

    Should have been 105 Best Kanye West songs.

    Overall, though, this list wasn’t bad.

  • Chris

    I was worried that this list would make me hit shift-right 100 times…that was a close one

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