The 50 Best Indie Covers Of Classic Rock Songs

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There’s no formula for a great cover. Sometimes it’s about faithfully sticking to the script written by a master and other times it’s all about making the song “your own.” In between those two extremes is room for subtle touches, genre flips, restoration, and personal flair.

Classic rock earned it’s name, and it certainly doesn’t need any fixing. But over the years music has evolved and new styles are constantly morphing, building on each other, blending together, and trudging forward. Every now and then it’s good to take a time out and look back. With that in mind, here are The 50 Best Indie Covers Of Classic Rock Songs.

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  • Eric

    Great idea for a list! It’s good to see a lot of cover versions of Bob Dylan and Velvet Underground. Bob Dylan and Lou Reed are two of the most influential/best songwriters of the 20th century.

    But one question: was Jeff Buckley not deemed “indie” when making this list? I don’t think there is a better cover than his version of “Hallelujah”. Overall, a lot of great reinterpretations of classics! Well done.

  • CatastrophePersonality

    This is a list I would love in a .zip or .rar format.

    And by love, I mean I would kill for.

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  • Mark

    No Yo La Tengo? One of the original Indie bands that has more covers in their playlist than all the bands listed combined. Just saying…

  • HDO

    Nice list. Love that The Black Keys are on here three times with nothing from their cover/tribute EP.

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  • AH

    It’s actually Tweedy playing with Levon Helm of The Band. It’s not really a cover, per se, he just sang one of the songs. Still great, though.

  • AH

    Make that he just sang one of the verses.

  • Mr T

    This is too tedious to completely page through. That the Sundays’ cover of “Wild Horses” isn’t in the top 25 is a shame. Can’t discount just because you were in diapers when it came out.

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