Video: Kanye West Calls Out The Media, Says His Music Is Perfect


Kanye West had some things to get off his chest this weekend, and he saw the stage at Revel in Atlantic City as the right platform to do it. After expressing his distaste for MediaTakeOut’s negative attitude he threatened to slap the shit out of them and then went on to say that his music was perfect. He also suggests that to get music of this caliber that you’d have to go back to “Beethoven or some shit.” As far as rants go, this one was almost as perfect as Kanye’s music.

“I am flawed as a human being.

I am flawed as a person.

As a man, I am flawed.





  • Phantasy

    his music isn’t “perfect”, its almost a loophole here. Kanye is a fairly great writer, but his personality definitely needs work, hence his ego, and him making such a statement

  • Phantasy

    regardless, nothing about this surprises me. same old kanye

  • Jonathan A

    His music is amazing – my favorite actually, but everything can be better, it’s by no means perfect.

  • j

    His music is great… but comparing yourself to Beethoven… fuck… this guy has a serious god complex.

  • toby

    watching this i was expecting to cringe at the sheer blind arrogance of the man, but i have to ultimately agree. in my opinion he is the greatest star of our generation – and the closest any musician will get to having a perfect body of work.

  • ranger rick

    He has a point. His music is about as close to perfect as you can get in this day and age.

  • D

    I was there, and this is the reason I will never go to another kanye show. Who goes on for 15 minutes on some slow ass rant after playing a bunch of slow ass songs, then basically says hes god. FFFFFFUUUUU! Get off your soap box kanye. your “music” aint so G.O.O.D. anymore. Have fun with your gold diggin skanks the rest of your life. WE OUT!

  • Mark

    As a Kanye fan, and just as a fan of music for years, I’ve understood that reinvention is necessary for relevance. With that being said, Kanye has every right to be pompus and arrogant. His music is the Beethoven of this day and age. It’s undeniable. In terms of grandiloquence, it’s unmatched.

  • Mark


  • a guest but not really

    kanye is a great producer, not really good but great. hip hop adapts to what kanye does. he is also a dope rapper. rappers rap these kind of raps (confusion twitter reference) all day long and no one cares. kanye says the same thing just without beats and rhymes. rappers also rap words just cause they rhyme and its usually a bunch of bullshit. kanye speaks from his heart wether right or wrong and its nice to have people who speak about the music and their passion for it and the greatness they have achieved. most rappers talk about anything but music. love him or hate him dude is genius. yup genius. i mean lets be serious look at his catalogue, the music speaks for itself (if kanye didnt do it) but most people dont listen they just skim through it.
    now excuse me while i hop up off kanyes dick.

  • Chopz

    @D I disagree.

    I’ve been to shows where artists don’t talk to the audience at all. They just perform the music and get paid? I don’t think that’s worth my money at all.

    At least I get a glimpse of what is happening in this artist’s mind when they talk for however long. That’s why I LOVE going to live shows.

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