Video: Kendrick Lamar Performs “No Make-Up” With Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino


This is an unlikely pairing, but Kendrick Lamar and Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast came together at Vitamin Water and Fader’s Uncapped concert. Watch the two Cali representatives perform “No Make-up (Her Vice).” It’s always good to see genres coming together. How do you think these two sound together?

  • Anone.

    She looks bored.

  • Nick

    I love both, this was really cool

  • marc

    glad they did his worst song

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  • ranger rick

    I’m tired of rappers rapping on top of their pre-recorded vocals. Just fucking rap over a beat.

  • anti

    What ranger rick said.

  • Kelli

    Love the idea…coulda been a little better. ranger rick is right. this is one of my favorite tracks off that album though.

  • Marisa W.

    Kendrick Lamar is a genious and every performance is ground breaking# so ahead of the game!!

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