Video: Lil Wayne ft. Big Sean – “My Homies Still”


Here’s a weird one. The visuals for Lil Wayne and Big Sean‘s “My Homies Still” plays out like a thugs meets drugs conceived Tim Burton film. Pink elephants, skeletons, Weezy and Big Sean’s heads on giant platters. These are just a few of the things from this vid that will give you a proper mindfuck. Watch the video for “My Homies Still” below.


  • PancakeMcKennz

    I like it. Reminds me of those classic Busta Rhymes videos.

  • NateEzra2

    Ummm…Ok? These dudes wile-out tho.

  • rivertems

    @Pancake shame it’s not like a classic Busta Rhymes song too, eh?

  • Chriscro1

    Lol Wayne. The visuals are tight. If you like this you should like the Number 1 Playaz new single “Arrogant.” Check out their new single here –

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