6 Artists To Check Out If You Like Girls (The Band)

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When Christopher Owens tweeted that fatal message announcing the end of Girls (the band—not the show, or gender) in early July, he broke a lot of hearts. Owens and his partner in crime, JR White, won over a sizable chunk of the indie rock world without and gimmicks, publicity stunts, or desperate grasps for attention. Instead they went about their business making music firmly rooted in the traditional while still maintaining a very current edge.

So now what are you supposed to listen to when you get that itch for new music in the same vein as Album, Father Son Holy Ghost or Broken Dreams Club? Instead of revisiting Girls’ material while crying into a pint of ice cream, check out these six bands that might ease the pain.

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  • bg

    yuck is the shit

  • anonymous

    kurt vile is awesome! My have track is never run away!

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