6 Artists Who Don’t Sound The Way They Look

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When you’re sitting at home enjoying an album, do you ever really consider each aspect of what you’re hearing? Are all of your senses inherently connected? We’re about to challenge your preconceived notions about how sound and sight should correlate. Because media is so widely accessible we frequently have no trouble associating an artist’s voice with their face. Here we introduce six familiar artists who look nothing like they sound. Brace yourselves.

By Lindsay Gartner

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  • Chase

    I think Tracy Chapman would have been a good one too

  • Birdman17

    I thought Jim James would be on here for sure.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Holy crap, I heard that Israel song somewhere, and you’re right, I did not picture that voice coming from a man like that.

  • Crunchcaptain

    word to tracy chapman

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com Jon Tanners

    Word to King Krule

  • Confusion

    Ahh King Krule would have been a good one. Tracy too, for sure

  • BronxKilla

    No Action Bronson?

  • Ryan

    Possibly Samuel T. Herring from Future Islands? or maybe its just so strange

  • Felicia

    One vote for Claudio Sanchez (the big guy/singer) from Coheed and Cambria.

  • Havanna

    No Nina Simone??

  • Rob


    Claudio Sanchez from Coheed shouldve been on here.

  • Rob
  • Shayna Hodkin

    Mayer Hawthorne. Anyone?

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