Aaliyah ft. Drake – “Enough Said”


With rumors floating around that Drake is executive producer behind Aaliyah‘s upcoming posthumous project, we get “Enough Said,” a new single featuring a contribution from Drake and production by Noah “40” Shebib. The is track comes courtesy of Blackground Records, an imprint of Aaliyah’s uncle and cousin. Looks like Drake’s involvement in a new Aaliyah album is more than a just rumor.

(Miss Info)

  • http://mostlyjunkfood.com jamarcus

    damn this is sounding way better than a Biggie Duets posthumous album. 40 did his thing and although Drake was corny on the adlibs, his verse was kinda nice

    they gotta get Tim on the album or it’s a fluke though

  • http://Audio-Dope.tumblr.com Michael

    Yo wassup…

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Yo wassup…

  • JeiSun

    Terrible… Sorry Aaliyah… Drake is worse than buttcrumbs.

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