Ambitions Of Musicians: What They Studied In College

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You hear a lot about famous musicians’ pasts, but their college endeavors aren’t usually part of the story. Compared to the tales of drug dealing, jail time, drugs, groupies, and rebellion, college backgrounds aren’t very exciting. But it is interesting to get a feel for what some of your favorite musicians were up to before they made it in music. Sex, drugs, rock & roll, and college—here are the educational backgrounds you might not have expected from your favorite rappers and rockers.

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  • ThatGuyOverThere

    This list kinda further proves that doing both (music & getting an education) is almost impossible haha. Going out there, getting an education, and being at an university is essential towards life in general (for some ppl at least.)

  • Zach

    You forgot to mention Rivers Cuomo, lead singer of Weezer, who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English from Harvard University!

  • K

    and J. Cole! Graduated top of his class at St. Johns in New York.

  • Lee

    where was yeezy?

  • Baxter

    That Chaz dude kinda went in in the freestyle

  • Jay

    Mike Posner’s actually a Duke grad

  • afew

    – The Game – Washington State University
    – J Cole –
    St. John’s University

    – Wale –
    Robert Morris University
    Virginia State University
    Bowie State University

    – Plies
    Miami University
    University of Central Florida

    – Jeremih
    University of Illinois

    thank me later..

  • Mike C.

    Chromeo is some learned dudes.

  • andre

    2 chainz; alabama state averaged a 4.0 gpa throughout college

  • Anon

    Jacked up on Dexter Holland in the text. It’s USC, as in “Southern California”, not “South Carolina”.

  • Jake

    What about J. Cole????

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