Best Album Picks To Troll Pitchfork’s “The People’s List”


Pitchfork has long been known as one of the premier tastemakers in indie music. They’ve worked hard to get there, and they are often looked at as a critical encyclopedia of sorts. They’ve created a one-sided environment that’s long been open to criticisms of pretentiousness and a voice that—not in these exact words—always seems to say, “This is what you should like, this is what you shouldn’t like. If you don’t agree, you’re wrong.”

That’s why it was pretty surprising to see that they’re launching “The People’s List.” Instead of dictating what’s good and what’s not good, they’re letting the people speak up. It’s a great thing, but after all these years of being bossed around we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Internet get back at Pitchfork in the form of some good old-fashioned trolling.

Instead of voting for the real best album released between 1996 and 2011, wouldn’t it be great to make an organized effort to pick one of these instead?

  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence

    Voting for “Ferrari Boyz” would not really be trolling. They’re pretty big Gucci and Waka fans over there. Even Ferrari Boyz got a 6.3.

  • Jon Tanners

    No Buckcherry albums??? If we want to be proper trolls, there has to be some Buckcherry in here.

  • Peter

    why is camp on here? i thought it was decent

  • Irvin

    Yeah, Camp is decent – in fact, in my opinion much more than decent. Camp is just there because Pitchfork gave it an unreasonably terrible score, and no one agrees with them. And P&P called Pitchfork a dick for giving Camp a 1.6 back when it happened, so it’s just trolling.

  • Confusion

    Irvin knows.

  • A.J. Crew

    For anyone that missed the reaction article to “Camp” getting a 1.6, here’s a convenient link to it:

    Also, I think we’d be WAY more effective if we all organized and (un)officially picked ONE album so we’ll have more of a shot at trolling the list… I’m down for “Camp”. Everybody else in?

  • Ethos

    It’s all about the back story. In Peter’s defense, the “Pitchfork gives CAMP a 1.6″ story just got bumped from the Top Posts side bar. So now its my turn. Why is the Adventures of Bobby Ray trolling?

  • gk

    can we get a campaign going to get camp in the top 5? that wud be too good

  • Lauren

    This post isn’t showing up properly on my computer. Every time I click next the image slides farther out of view. This happens every time with slideshows on this site. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • bryck

    Yea Lauren, I’m with you. I figured it was because I’m using Chrome.

  • Confusion

    Agreeing on one is the key. We just wanted to leave that up to “the people.” That’s the point, right?

    Adventures of Bobby Ray being picked as the number one album of Pitchfork’s existence is a hilarious idea to me. It’s not so obvious as NOW THATS WHAT I CALL MUSIC, but insignificant enough to really put a stain on P4K’s tastemaker status.

    Camp would be an awesome trolling effort.

  • Ethos

    Gotcha. I have never actually listened to Adventures of Bobby Ray all the way through, but I did listen to Strange Clouds for the first time recently. The title track came on my Chiddy Bang Pandora station, and honestly I think BoB has a pretty sick “technical flow” on the track. His timing is on point and its entertaining to listen to. Then Lil Wayne came in, almost carried his weight, and then completely ruins everything right at the end by biting BoB’s line but making it worse, all at the same time. “I’m top dog, you top ramen, I’m top dog”. Ughh. I wonder which BoB album pitchfork liked better.

  • Nick

    I just voted for Camp. We must vote for at least 20?? I guess I’ll do as many Kidz Bops as I can…

  • Shaun

    Why not pick the Jet album?

  • JD

    I’d either vote for Ocean Eyes or All The Right Reasons. And I really can’t believe Justin Bieber got picked. Ugh -.-

  • HirooNakamura

    im sorry, but why can’t a commercial artist that sells loads of album have the BEST album? If it wasn’t one of the best, why would it sell so much (for example the Black Eyed Peas THE END album)?

    it must have done something right , or else it wouldnt have been a massive super hit

  • Confusion

    We’re not saying a commercial artist that sells loads of albums can’t be the best. Never said or implied that.

    And lots of things sell a lot not because they’re good but because they are extremely accessible. It’s like saying McDonald’s is great food because it sells so much. Ask anyone who loves food what they think of McDonald’s. Then ask anyone who really loves music what they think of the Black Eyed Peas.

    But ignore all this, the point of this isn’t to pick the worst albums, it’s to pick albums that don’t mesh with the Pitchfork brand.

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    Just voted, Camp was my top pick. This list helped.

    Actual votes:
    “Stir The Blood” by The Bravery,
    “Untrue” by Burial,
    “Graduation” by Kanye West,
    “Random Album Title” by Deadmau5

    Troll votes:
    “Kidz Bop” by Kidz Bop,
    “Rich Boy” by Rich Boy,
    “My World 2.0″ by Justin Bieber,
    “Black Boy White Boy” by Young Dro & Yung L.A,
    “Base World, Pt.1″ by Lil B

    Was gonna put Lana Del Rey’s album (because I actually liked it) but that came out this year.

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  • Fred

    yo con, what do you really think of the BEP?

  • Confusion

    i rarely listen to anything else

  • Laky

    The problem is that pitchfork loves Lil B, so its not a true troll!

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    Really?? F it, just changed that to Ying Yang Twins “United State of Atlanta”

  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence

    “United State of Atlanta” got a 7.5

  • A.J. Crew

    I voted. “Camp” was my troll #1 pick. Let’s see what happens.

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