How To Love: Kanye & Kim


We love Kanye. Deep down, we just want him to be happy, because, deep down, he is still the shy everyman we came to love in The College Dropout and watched grow all the way up to the shock and awe of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Watch The Throne. We’ll be the first to admit, when the Kim Kardashian dating rumors started floating around, it was worrying. Kanye’s a fragile dude, we want the best for him and it was tough to see that Kim might be right for him. However, after a few months of this couple being together and one kinda funny VMA commercial, this relationship is getting entertaining and we kind of support it?

Alex Pappademas reasoned it out best in a column for Grantland:

It makes sense that an artist whose great subject is the spotlight itself would be drawn to someone who’s turned being famous into an art form, but ultimately I think that’s as simplistic an explanation as the theory that Kanye wants to be on TV more. Kanye doesn’t need a supporting role on a tacky E! show, because he’s already Kanye… He has nothing to gain from this, in other words, and everything to lose.

We’re starting to believe that this might not just be a publicity stunt. Secretly, we’re starting to harbor wishes that Kanye impregnates Kim with a son (named KimYe or RiverCreator (that strikes me as something Kanye would name his firstborn)) who will then grow up, marry Blue Ivy Carter and get a New World Order underway. The world is a mess, a Supreme Ruler doesn’t seem out of the question. Plus, as you can see below, they look good together:

  • KevYeKim

    The picture of Fat Kanye and Fat Kim is hilarious. haha

  • chrissy

    They are beautiful together and look very happy. I wish them the best.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    You know how two negatives make a positive in math? That’s these two. (But when I say negative, I mean from a media standpoint.)

  • marc

    aw so kewt

  • fern

    THEY DO!!.I’ve been onboard since the day of the Lakers Game, tbh. I’ve never cared much for either of them individually till they got together…but everyone deserves love and happiness. I wish Kim and Ye the best.

  • Rafael

    Why the fuck do people care? To the person that wrote this: Don’t you feel sad?
    Sad that you act like you know Kanye personally, sad that you wrote this: “We love Kanye. Deep down, we just want him to be happy.”


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