How To NOT Get Your Music Posted On Blogs

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Coming up as a self-promoting artist in 2012 is not easy. The Internet has made it very possible to catch a big break, but it also presents a lot of obstacles. One of the biggest issues is that with such a low barrier to entry, the world of music on the Internet has become saturated. Music blogs do their best to sift through it all and share the good stuff, but with so much out there, standing out is much harder to do than being ignored.

In the past, we’ve given tips on how to get your music posted, but a lot of the time you can learn more from understanding what NOT to do. We drew from our own experience and asked other music bloggers to share some of the most annoying things they encounter as part of the job. This is what we came up with. Here’s how to go about getting blacklisted, ignored, and not posted on any music blogs.

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  • Jason

    How Not To Keep Visitors Coming Back: Break up every single post into 10 pages that people have to click through.

  • LaJIT

    I fuck with the 10 page clicking..better than one long ass page that makes me want to skim through it. Good post btw

  • Andre (PayUp)

    I’m not bitter at all.

    But I definitely had ALL these things in mind when I submitted my music. And even got a response from you (Con) saying you’ll give it a listen and then no response after that.

  • Confusion

    @Jason It’s not every post. It’s one featured post a day, and those posts have been our most popular. I know that it annoys some people, and those people are very vocal. Trying to make it as easy to navigate as possible.

    @Andre If I told you I was going to listen then I listened. I try to give feedback when possible but can’t do it for every submission.

  • Andre (PayUp)

    @Confusion Okay. Thank you.

  • Bill Ding

    After reading this I’m kinda thankful that you guys did post my album, esp considering theres a few of these errors I’ve overlooked. I’ve DM’ed people like “yo check your email dawww.”

    Also, I’ve always found it more acceptable to get your question/favor out of the way first, THEN attempt the personal/friendly talk, it’s more genuine that way. I’ve definitely interacted with people where I’ve both needed a favor and have been interested in their activities. If you talk first then ask your fav they’re going to think you’ve just been setting them up. They’ll probably think that regardless.

    Props to you confusion.


  • Anonymous

    HOW TO NOT GET YOUR MUSIC POSTED ON BLOGS #11: do not follow the latest indie music trends. only trendy music that sounds like that other guy gets posted and welcomed to the cool table.

  • the smart ass

    I think bloggers should be more intuitive about finding and selecting songs to post. Most of these bloggers are lazy and just link they contact and dont bother to be a musical enthusiast (which should be apart of the trade). Its a double edge sword. the majority of blogs shouldnt even be creditable unless we know they have taste. This post only applies to the people who are really ignorant to be a professional artist, which isnt their fault. But blogging music has become a pain in my side because i feel like alot of bloggers purposely post wack ass artists just because they have a faint connection with some random musical fame and they are just trying to get in the limelight. with that said fuck this post and fuck this blog this shit was biased as fuck

  • Yung Saran

    Confusion, I was sent the link to this by a Boston DJ. I read all your tips, and I’ve NEVER submitted anything to a blogger. I’m a rap artist and I’ve gotten radio play in my city (Boston) as well as online radio play in NJ. Would REALLY appreciate it if you checked my music out. Search for YUNG SARAN – ON ME on YouTube to hear the track that’s most popular off my latest mixtape. Mostly all my music is up on YouTube, and I also have a few videos as well. All the necessary links to my mixtapes are on there too. Hopefully you dig it! Let me know what you think, & thanks in advance if you read this!

  • Bill Ding

    smartass — That made a lot of sense props to you for making so much sense. Eloquent yet precise.

    Bc an article by a blog to help artists is biased….towards…the artist?

    Most people are too ignorant to be professional…is the point of the article?

    Ur right a lot of bloggers I know have posted whack music to get into the limelight. Thats why they choose to blog other artists instead of being artists themselves. To get into the limelight. By posting whack music. Fucking bloggers man.

    Call me let’s talk 585-330-5845. (real number).

  • Tricia

    This post was very entertaining. So are the comments.

  • a guest but not really

    “this shit was biased as fuck” hahahahaha that cracked me up hahaha he should change his name to The Super Smart Ass

  • Confusion

    @smartass This is meant to help artists deal with bloggers. I don’t really get upset by any of these things. I’ve got a lot of respect for people who are trying to do what they love and get their music heard. Most of these things come from talking with other bloggers and finding out what annoys them, and the point was to shed some light on that so artists can be more successful. No idea what you mean by being biased.

  • conner

    best pigeon artwork yet

  • PancakeMcKennz

    I don’t make music, but I will keep these things in mind for other things.

  • Jordy Kasko

    As a music blogger, I can vouch for most of this list, particularly #7.

    To user “the smart ass” — there are still some of us music enthusiasts around. Check out The Tune. I work very hard to find music in all corners of the internet, and I listen to 10x as much stuff as I post to narrow it down.

  • x

    hi. i teach a college level composition course that emphasizes rhetorical thinking, reading, and writing. i’m always looking for new and interesting material to help demonstrate the concepts that we cover in class. i plan to use this post for an extra-credit rhetorical analysis assignment. i think the piece’s content, form, and style will help illustrate the importance of rhetorical sensitivity both in writing and life. thanks!

  • SoSoon

    After reading this, it was clear to me that these tips were made simply to help ARTIST become better professionals. Many of the things said were true i.e. artist thinking that everything they do is the shit and therefore should be the next ordained, but a lot of ARTIST don’t know how to be professionals. The key in the article was the beginning; this is for those who have no choice but to do everything on their own i.e. record, perform, write, promote, garner attention, etc. These 10 tips are simple things that all professionals should know. At the end of the day you still aren’t guaranteed to get play, but it damn sure will better your chances!

  • Confusion

    @ x That’s great to hear!

  • Confusion

    @SoSoon Exactly!

  • Manipudating

    Great article; even though I don’t make music… there’s plenty of good advice I’ll keep in mind as I’m trying to spread word about my blog.

  • c4103

    I think most of this is spot on. However, I don’t think anyone should be discouraged from posting incomplete material to social networks. As long as you can take criticism, it’s a great way to get unbiased feedback. If you only have a few close friends listen to it, then you’re probably not going to get a completely honest opinion. There are subreddits made specifically for this. It’s especially important in indie music development where you are doing most of the recording / mixing / songwriting all on your own. On the flip side of that, I think if you immediately blow off a piece of music someone has written simply because it’s not finished then you are being a jerk. A courteous professional in the music industry would listen and give an honest opinion.

  • Lalin St Juste

    Haha, great article and comments. I think it’s important to leave the ego aside for sure. My music has been posted on many websites (Okay Player, 2 Dope Boyz, etc) and have gained the attention of other bigger artists but was listened to and not posted on this site…but I still come back and will always love Pigeons & Planes because as sensitive as making art is, a person always has to remove themselves from any attachment to the outcome.

  • Siegz

    Great article Confusion! As a fellow music blogger, I agree with everything on here and love the comments, especially From @ The Smart Ass. Another one I totally forgot about that won’t always eliminate the artist from getting posted but is still annoying is when they send out duplicate emails or when more than 1 member of their team emails you. The mistake I see most often is artists sending download links to their mixtape/album w/o streaming link.

  • OchoLoco

    I’m not going to lie. I’ve definitely done a couple of these things in the past without realizing it would have the opposite result. Good to know in advance for the next time I try submitting anything to anyone. Thank you, Confusion.

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  • row1

    Point #7 is even more annoying when the link is to some rubbish site like rapidshare who is all “you have reached your daily limit”. Hulkshare and Mediafire seems to be quite good in that they let you stream the download.

  • Skillsy

    A lot of these points also apply to getting signed to a label (or not!)

  • Konathon

    did complex tell you to recyle this shit? i understand why, but its a pain for regulars.

  • Confusion

    Hahah no. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. I used to write Dos and Donts from time to time but they’re all old, shitty posts now and are all unformatted because we switched platforms after they were written. Sorry to annoy, Konathon.

  • Luke

    ^^What this guy said.

  • Konathon

    no worries konfusion you great big politically correct cuddly bear

  • Konathon

    pink dicks all round!

  • Confusion

    What is pink dicks? I actually Googled to see if that was a thing. Bad idea to Google things like that.


    @Confusion look at Konathon’s avatar…

    btw, as far as streaming mixtapes instead of a download link, thats something that readers of your blog would also appreciate. I often find myself going to other websites to stream mixtapes i find on your website. Just some insight

  • Confusion

    @Brendan OH. I get it now.

    And yeah, I know that’s annoying. Some of it boils down to obnoxious legal issues. We would never link out to have you stream on another website unless we had to.

  • RaF

    Hello from Germany! I am a music blogger and get every day new releases send for reviewing! I must write every day reviews, if not, i would sink into releases – what a hell! I review only the good stuff (the finished products) and the rest would be given to friends. I want to say: “If you want good reviews, send finished products to well known music bloggers and your carrer as musician is on the way!” The rest does Facebook, Twitter & Co for YOU!

  • Aja


  • A.J. Crew


    Hey, there’s a service called Music Clout that’s an online service for musicians to submit their work for “opportunities” such as landing a spot on Pigeons and Planes… if they pay $5.95 per submission or sign up for a monthly plan…

    Not sure if you guys were aware of this, but yeah… they definitely have a P&P blog post opportunity up there to purchase on their service.

    All I wanna know is can a young (rapper/producer) nigga get money anymore without having to spend all of it?

    PS: I have a music video dropping with Naledge (from Kidz In The Hall) that I hope you’ll be seeing soon enough… and yeah, I had to do the cheap plug. Womp. If nothing else, you’ll get to see the pre-cursor to me getting extremely shitfaced.

  • mashix

    #7 oh man #7

  • PLAN

    I tried sending my music to a few blogs earlier this year and the only one to respond was Pigeons & Planes. Albeit you said that instrumental music wasn’t really your thing, you still took the time to respond and let me know the deal. I truly appreciate stuff like that.

  • NastySaibot

    without us there is NO you! be honored that nincompoops are wasting enough bandwidth to keep your site afloat u douche. since when did opinionated nerds become trend-setters/opinion leaders? Since when did nerds drink champagne? GTFouttaHere! Fuck your vanishing profession! The people will wake up and realize you “bloggers” are nothing but dick riding summarizers hoping to the ride the right dick for a future pay off. You will never be a DJ. Stop IT. Youre the reason the game is all fucked up. you faggots dont party, you faggots dont live, you faggots watch gay born praying for jizz. let the LED burn the few heterosexual brain cells you have left. Youre a prison to the chair overcome your anal retentiveness

  • buy sonic producer

    So awesome! Love this site.

  • Skinny

    its cute how people who can’t rap who have computers make their opinion seem like it matters. :)

  • Adam

    Fact: every music submission I receive via facebook or twitter I mark as spam immediately.

    Also, lol on the “no BCC.” I always appreciate the “reply all” sarcasm-fest that those turn into.

  • Dana Salah

    You’re a great writer :) Thanks for the tips, Really helpful and made me laugh

  • Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead

    This was a much needed read…I find that I just don’t have proper netiquite at times. And that is because I am the type of person who spends a tad more time in the physical world then on the net. But I also realized that true success comes from being reviewed and placed on blogs. It does get frustrating when you feel that your music is better than everyone else’s and you see the ppl that certain blogs choose to highlight…But now I see that maybe my tactics for getting on certain blogs were not best…..i was probably talked about in a secret meeting lol……..time to meditate and regroup…..

  • Grace

    Very helpful information and an entertaining read. I am about to start promoting an album for the first time and really appreciate the advice. Thanks!

  • ralfie

    damn niga yo article sucks

  • TheCarolineLi

    As a journalist and band manager myself, I can really appreciate this post. I especially like # 6. Email blast out every song you make.

    Sometimes I hear great songs and I get upset when I get a shitty song from the same artist. It’s just bad branding to be inconsistent.

    Also, as a manager, I know artists want people listening and writing about everything they release. It’s how they measure their success. But it puts a lot of pressure on me and my PR efforts/plans, especially when I want to be consistent until the artist has really established themselves. Artist need to realize that it’s okay to release some songs just for fans and that may be enough. In the end, your fans justify your success, not the number of blog hits.
    – Caroline

  • serisony

    #11 Have 0 live performance experience.

    #12 Have 0 music videos available to view.


    Great tips P&P! Don’t mind the click through 10 post thing because I know it helps support the site.

  • CasanovaDaGod

    thank you for this. thank you very much for this.

  • skitso

    Really appreciate this bro, helped alot. ima start going to this blog more for tips and stuff.

  • RCVR

    Very helpful article. There aren’t too many articles on this subject. Glad I have some guidelines to follow so I won’t come across as a d-bag… hah.

  • noelle tannen

    Oh my god yes this is very helpful but more importantly very hilarious and made me laugh out loud numerous amounts of time (in the best way.) laughing with you not at you. Anyway yeah …

  • getmybuzzup

    Great article! I dont like it when artist try to push their material to us via twitter. When my profile specifies how to submit content. As my staff on twitter just monitors for mentions and have no control of the content that gets posted.

  • VidalEkechukwu/DLivA

    This is some of the BEST advice I’ve read. Almost more useful than tips on HOW TO get blogged. I’ll stay away from the Twitter spam for sure from now on!

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  • Obrie_Knows

    Great story. supports this

  • Obrie_Knows

    Promise to force feed this to everyone I know from now on

  • Space Bass

    GTFOH this is about the most ridiculous trash Ive read all week. These self righteous chumps that have a blog on the internet think they hold the key to someone elses destiny, simply because they post other peoples music cause they cant make their own. Just a bunch of faggots with nothing else better to do but shut down anyone that doesnt kiss their ass. Basically they have no life so they get drunk and listen to music all day and get overly jealous anytime they hear amazing work for the simple fact that they cant do anything. Most of them cant even afford a domain name…smh

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