How To NOT Get Your Music Posted On Blogs

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pigeonlead How To NOT Get Your Music Posted On Blogs

Coming up as a self-promoting artist in 2012 is not easy. The Internet has made it very possible to catch a big break, but it also presents a lot of obstacles. One of the biggest issues is that with such a low barrier to entry, the world of music on the Internet has become saturated. Music blogs do their best to sift through it all and share the good stuff, but with so much out there, standing out is much harder to do than being ignored.

In the past, we’ve given tips on how to get your music posted, but a lot of the time you can learn more from understanding what NOT to do. We drew from our own experience and asked other music bloggers to share some of the most annoying things they encounter as part of the job. This is what we came up with. Here’s how to go about getting blacklisted, ignored, and not posted on any music blogs.

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