Kelly Clarkson’s Performance Of “Lose Yourself” Compared To Eminem’s


Pop stars often get carried away with confidence and decide to tackle rap songs. It’s cute. It’s like watching your friend do drunk karaoke to a rap song, getting most of the words right, and inflating with their own ego as they rap along. By the end, they’re striking a b-boy pose and dropping the mic, a little thought bubble floating above their head filled with the words, “I just killed it.”

The thing is, pop stars’ covers of rap songs are never very good. It’s like watching a dog walk on its two hind legsā€”sure, it’s kind of impressive that a dog can do that at all, but face it, dogs fucking suck at walking on their hind legs, and they look like little animal clowns when they do it.

That all being said, here is Kelly Clarkson’s cover of “Lose Yourself.” Not bad, right? Then watch Eminem for comparison. Kelly, you are a dog walking on its hind legs. Sorry, but it was cute. *Throws bone*

  • LT

    I liked Kelly’s version better.

  • Bloedig

    Not bad. A mash up of the two would be very cool. Love Eminem!

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Seems like she needed to rehearse the flow of the lyrics a bit more.

  • GEN3

    It was a cover she did as it was requested by her fans in Detroit. Considering she and her band rehearsed it once prior to the show, I think it was good. Its idiotic to compare Kelly’s cover to Eminem’s true version. His is obviously better because its his song and he’s a RAPPER. Much like making a comparison if Eminem tried to sing “Since u been gone”

  • SK

    ^I think its time for an internet movement to get Eminem to cover Kelly Clarkson.

  • Ethos

    She’s no Obadiah Parker.

  • Confusion

    Hahhah Eminem to cover Kelly! Good idea.

    @GEN3 don’t call me an idiot. Maybe defending a Kelly Clarkson cover of Eminem shouldn’t be a priority.

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