Kid Cudi ft. King Chip – “Just What Iam” (Prod. Kid Cudi)


With news that Kid Cudi is back to rapping and readying a new album called indicud, Complex shares a new track from the project to hear what he’s got in store. “Just What Iam” features King Chip (Chip Tha Ripper), and should please fans who have been missing the rap-oriented Cudi of years past. This one’s produced entirely by Cudi humself.


Kid Cudi – Just What I Am Lyrics

  • joanna

    I miss the old cudi -__-

  • Brandon

    this is VINTAGE Cudi. amazing. repeat all night

  • SK

    good shit he’s back smokin tree

  • SleepyKeemo

    I can’t turn this up loud enough.

  • Clubhouse-Conversations

    The homie is back! Can’t wait to see Cudi at Rock the Bells now.

  • Max

    Chip killed it

  • KID(((((())))))))))((((()))))∆∆⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄∆∆∆∆∆∆⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄CUDI¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a guest but not really

    very nice.

  • Greg

    Cudi’s killin itt..would say he’s back, but I never thought he left

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  • dj sean prince

    That Kid named Cudi!!!!

  • Name (required)

    I recently had to drive the PHC and i passed the time by getting stoned and listening to old Cudi. It ended up making me think and will most likely go down as one of the most memorable road trips i will ever take.

    Stoned + PHC (pacific coast highway) + Cudi + california sunset = prolific.

  • greek


  • Music Fiend

    this song is old as hell lol still great though

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