King Krule – “Rock Bottom”


King Krule may be young, but his body of work can only stand testament to his phenomenal understanding of how to make alluring music. His latest, titled “Rock Bottom,” highlights his aggressive, “thuggish-sounding” vocals, which are ultimately contained by the upbeat, jangling chords of the guitar. The track will appear on his upcoming “Rock Bottom/Octopus” single, due September 24th. Give it a listen below.


  • oooo

    King Krule is awesome

  • nic

    i know him as zoo kid, but all the same it’s still great music

  • Confusion

    Yea he changed his name. He’s King Krule now

  • Buddy Blank

    I don’t usually dig his stuff that much, but this is pretty dope.

  • jay

    I’m really enjoying the nod towards the Streets at the end, some cool shit here.

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