Lil’ Wayne – “No Lie Freestyle”


Supposedly Wayne‘s Dedication 4 mixtape was slated to drop today, but he’s pushing it back because he doesn’t want to steal any shine from 2 Chainz’ new LP and because he’s been skateboarding a lot which has been taking his time away from recording. Yea, ok! Well he decided to release a record off of the mixtape to hold everyone over until he drops it in the next week or two. Check it out below.

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  • ummmm

    ummmm why did he say pause? what he said had no reference to anything that would confuse us to his sexuality? lil wayne is shit pause. namsayin

  • SK

    I wish I knew him in real life

  • The Mix Mason

    @ummmm “til i give y’all the whole thing” is kind of pause-worthy

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