Muse Goes Dubstep With “Unsustainable”


This has to stop. Muse‘s dramatic, over-the-top rock music is already so close to being “too much,” but it always came so close to that line while still maintaining enough integrity to be taken—for the most part—seriously. Then they did this.

Unless this is somehow a clever stab at the “unsustainable” nature of trends in music, it appears that Muse has jumped on the dubstep bandwagon and gone full-blown womp-womp. Somewhere in the world, Skrillex is fist-pumping and planning a collaboration.

  • MOTM

    From what I’ve heard, Muse created this track to see if they could make the same sounds electronic producers do with a computer on their own live instruments, not because they’re full-blown dubstep fiends.

  • BadgerBoy

    Also, they are British and probably have been around the dubstep sounds for far longer than any of us US hipsters would like to believe.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    HOLY CRAP, I need this new album!! I welcome Muse’s “over-the-top” sound to blow my mind. They are never “too much” to me. … But, why does Matt look like Chris Hardwick in that picture up there? haha

  • Fred

    badger boy, being british i have to say that yours was the most honest and humble comment i have ever seen on P&P let alone the internet as a whole. something inside of me wants to take you for afternoon tea and find out what your hair gel preferences are. thank you

  • Chris

    this is a joke, right?

  • http://nop sailornuts

    Badger, dubstep used to be nothing like it is today, was not very popular in clubs or that scene because it was hard and not fun to dance to. Muse is a rock band jumping OJ the bandwagon. And if they have liked it for so long like you suggest, why wait until after even fucking korn made a rockdubstep album.

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