The 10 Best Remixes Of The xx’s “Angels”

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the xx4321 The 10 Best Remixes Of The xxs Angels

When The xx came out with their sonically minimal debut album xx back in 2009, it caught the world slightly off guard. It bubbled in the indie scene before spreading in uneven bursts like a chunk of cold, hard butter clinging to a dull butter knife. It took a while, but soon enough everyone (yes, everyone in the world) fell in love. Soon after that, producers started realizing how perfect this bare-boned, to-the-point style was for remixing.

Now The xx are gearing up to release their sophomore album on September 11th, and their first single, “Angels,” sounds like an unlikely alarm to all producers. It’s a canvas so sparsely decorated that it begs to be built upon, and these artists had to try their hand. In some cases, it worked out very well. Here are The 10 Best Remixes Of The xx’s “Angels,” so far.

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