The 20 Worst Pieces of The Notorious B.I.G. Fan Art


A couple of months ago, we unveiled the 25 worst pieces of 2Pac fan art. This time, we’re heading east. They say that art is objective and an expression of one’s own self. If that’s true, then these fanboys/girls are pretty terrible, disgusting people. Sketching/painting your favorite artist may be a flattering thing to do, but what these artists have done is straight up disrespectful.

Here are the 20 worst pieces of Biggie Smalls fan art:

  • gk

    lol wtf some of these were really good. the only one that deserved to be on a worst of all time list is the ms paint one.

  • Confusion

    I do not understand the naked one of him holding a baby but I actually really like that one.

  • Joyce

    To clarify, some of them were included simply because they either didn’t look like Biggie at all, or they made you go “wtf?” like the naked Biggie.

    As for the Jabba the Hutt painting, that one’s just awesome and I had to include it somehow because I love Star Wars. I mean, he loves it when you call him Big Jabba.

  • offbeat

    …hmm wondering about this feature piece.

  • mike

    once again like the tupac post i thought some of these were good haha. i liked 5, 12, and 18

  • john

    haha, the shrek yourself one is amazing.

  • SK

    yeah lol i liked 5, 11, 12 and the jabba one lol

  • SK

    sorry didn’t mean to lol twice

  • Confusion


  • Gillateen

    hahaha Jabba the Hutt one is straight disrespectful

  • Greg

    their all trying their best!

  • Matt Hopkins

    Whoever made number 19 should have their hands cut off.

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