The 25 Best RAC Remixes

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rac remixes The 25 Best RAC Remixes

Formed in 2007, the international group RAC was born from the vision of Portugal native André Allen Anjos. His mission was to concoct true to form re-interprative mixes from some of today’s most popular musical acts. Now a three man outfit consisting of Anjos, Andrew Maury, and Karl Kling, the Portland-based crew has engineered the creation of over 180 remixes and originally produced tracks. Sifting through so many records was no small task, so to get us started we asked Anjos to identify a few of his favorite works.

“I know you were asking for my favorites, but these are more like my favorite remixes that kind of went unnoticed.” he explained. “They all kind of mean something special. They were all kind of transitional songs where I changed the writing style up.” The five he listed, in no particular order were:

The Violens – “Spectator & Pupil (RAC Remix)”
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “Janglin (RAC Remix)”
Hesta Prynn – “Can We Go (RAC Remix)”
“Natalie Walker’s – “Cool Kids (RAC Remix)”
Rubblebucket’s – “Silly Fathers (RAC Remix)”

We started there and continued on a long listening spree to pick out the 25 best RAC remixes.

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